New Bedford Half Marathon 2019

We would love for you to join our team for the NB 1/2 marathon. It's an incredible event that we have been so fortunate to participate in for the past 6+ years. 

Here are the perks for running with us:
- You'll be a part of a wonderful community!
- You get an exclusive Track+Channel/ Boutique Fitness race shirt! ($12)
- You get to pow-wow at Track + Channel before the race. This means warmth, bathrooms, foam rolling, warming up, and warmth, oh an warmth ;)
- We will pick up your registration for you. Just show up at the studio to collect your race items.
- You'll have a safe place to store your belongings while you run.
- Your race registration is discounted! ($50)
- Track + Channel has a private running group on our facebook page. 
- You'll feel like a rockstar!

First Step is to fill out this order form for your TEAM SHIRT.
You will then get a confirmation email with your PayPal link. If you do not order your shirt, you will not be on the team, so please keep an eye out for the confirmation email.

We're looking forward to running with you!
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